From Patagonia, Argentina to Oregon, USA by bicycle.

29,980 kilometers (18,628.70 miles) over 554 days from December 09, 2012 to June 15, 2014

Table of Contents
Introduction: Or how I came to be a long-distance cyclist 1
Reintroduction: Back on the road 2
Getting there: Or dragging a bicycle in a box around the world 3
Buenos Aires: Welcome to Kirchnerlandia 4
Escape from Buenos Aires: The day everything went wrong but turned out to be fun 5
Esquel to past Rio Frio: Wind, sand, and dust 6
Past Río Frío to south of Establecimiento Poncho Moro: Into the mountains 7
South of Ea. Poncho Moro to 20km north of Río Pico: Forecast for today: sunny with horizontal rain 8
North of Río Pico to Ruta 40 Km 1556: The wind giveth and the wind taketh away 9
Ruta 40 Km 1556 to R.P. 44 km 13: Just like New Mexico 10
R.P. 44 Km 13 to Río Mayo: Wind, windíssimo, windazo, windote, windo de la chingadíssima madre 11
Río Mayo to 25 kms east of Dr. Rojas: Back on the ripio 12
25 kms east of Dr. Rojas to 2 kms west of Alto Río Mayo: The wind is back 13
2 kms west of Alta Río Mayo, Argentina to Coyhaique, Chile: Life is good 14
Day off in Coyhaique, Chile: Getting things done 15
Coyhaique to Ruta 7 Km 85: Back to climbing 16
Ruta 7 Km 85 to Salto Condor: Rain and climb 17
Salto Condor to Puyuhuapi: Just a tad soaked to the bone 18
Puyuhuapi to 3kms north of Palena border: The sun came out! 19
3kms north of Palena border to Ruta 231 km 83: A cyclotourism convention 20
Ruta 231 km 83, Chile to Las Rocas, Parque Nacional los Alerces, Argentina: Today had it all 21
Las Rocas, Parque los Alerces to Puerto Cañero, Parque los Alerces: Merry Christmas! 22
Puerto Cañero to El Bolsón: Sun, pavement, and more tourers 23
El Bolsón to Ruta 40 km 1991: Today's defining event: dog attack 24
Ruta 40 km 1991 to Bariloche: Fixing the bike 25
Patagonia Statistics: 26
Patagonia Map: 27
Bariloche, Argentina to Santiago, Chile
Bariloche to Ruta 40 km 2086: A touch of summer 28
Ruta 40 km 2086 to Lago Villarino: On to 7 lagos 29
Lago Villarino to Junin de los Andes: A touch of summer 30
Junín de los Andes to 15 kms north of Pilolil: Hot at last, Happy New Year! 31
15 kms north of Pilolil to Río Litrán: Into a rhythm 32
Río Litrán to Ruta 40 km 2490: I had the wind and I took advantage 33
Ruta 40 km 2490 to Chos Malal: pampaeando 34
Chos Malal to Andacollo: The plan was to take it easy 35
Andacollo to 14 kms east of Paso Pichachén border station: My kingdom for a coffee, a sandblasting, and amazing landscapes 36
14 kms east of Paso Pichachén border station, Argentina to Laguna del Laja, Chile: Paso de Pichachén: Into Chile on a lonely and beautiful pass 37
Laguna del Laja to Los Angeles, Chile: From one planet to another 38
Los Ángeles to 14 kms east of San Nicolás: Clean clothes, cowboys, and a favorable wind 39
14 kms east of San Nicolás to Buchupureo: The linguistic trifecta 40
Buchupureo to 35 kms south of Constitución: All day on the coast 41
35 kms south of Constitución to Duao: More coast and I finally found all the tourists 42
Duao to 30 kms south of Pichilemu: Dust-up, washboard, climb 43
30 kms south of Pichilemu to Peralillo: Back to the central valley 44
Peralillo to Túnel Angostura: A long highway ride with a wild ending 45
Túnel Angostura to Santiago: City ride 46
Day off in Santiago: sleep, eat, chores 47
Bariloche to Santiago statistics: 48
Bariloche to Santiago map: 49
Santiago, Chile to Salta, Argentina
Santiago to Paso Chatabuco: Hot summer ride from city to desert 50
Paso Chacabuco to 3 kms west of Túnel Cristo Redentor: Paso Cristo Redentor: Night climb through the Andes 51
3 kms west of Túnel Cristo Redentor to Ruta 7 km 1213: Paso Cristo Redentor: Altitude hurts, and so does bureaucracy 52
Ruta 7 km 1213 to Uspallata, Argentina: A mudbath, rain, and great balls of fire 53
Uspallata to Mendoza: Snow in the mountains, summer in the valley 54
Mendoza to Chacras Coria to Mendoza: Day off 55
Mendoza to 5 kms north of Media Agua: A hot, flat ride through the Pampa with unexpected guests 56
5 kms north of Media Agua to 1 km north of Talacasto: Kind of like the Mojave 57
1 km north of Talacasto to San José de Jachal: Very much like the Mojave 58
San José de Jachal to 1 km south of Las Flores: Amazing scenery then rejected by customs 59
1 km south of Las Flores to 5 kms west of Guardia Vieja: Through customs, short day to acclimate 60
5 kms west of Guardia Vieja to 10 kms into Chile: Paso Agua Negra: A long climb in a beautiful place 61
10 kms into Chile to Vicuña: Paso Agua Negra: A long descent into an even more beautiful place 62
Vicuña to 15 kms north of La Serena: Back to the coast 63
15 kms north of La Serena to 2 kms north of Incahuasi: All desert all day 64
2 kms north of Incahuasi to Vallenar: Heat, trucks, adventurers 65
Vallenar to Ruta 5, Chañarcillo exit: Cleaned up, Idaho, then back to the desert 66
Ruta 5, Chañarcillo exit to Copiapó: Another broken rack and some French speaking cyclo tourers 67
Copiapó to 5 kms north of La Junta: A double-double amidst the grapes 68
5 kms north of La Junta to 3 kms east of La Guardia: Climbing towards Pircas Negras 69
3 kms east of La Guardia to Chilean immigration: Blocked at immigration due to bad weather 70
Chilean immigration to Barrancas Blancas: Paso Pircas Negras: Over the pass at last 71
Barrancas Blancas to Alto Jagué: Paso Pircas Negras: A long ride over 4,000 meters then a chaotic descent 72
Alto Jagué to 10 kilometers south of Villa Castell: More amazing scenery, a long wait at immigration, and that damn rack won't stay together 73
10 kilometers south of Villa Castell to Ruta 40 km 3806: Pampa, couldn't get much done in Villa Union, then back to the mountains 74
Ruta 40 km 3806 to Chilecito: Desert climb, some French, and a shower at last 75
Chilecito to Ruta 40 km 3969: Desert... 76
Ruta 40 km 3969 to km 4058: Me vs. rack 77
Ruta 40 km 4058 to 5 kms north of Hualfin: Flat tires, a trip to town, and another light show to end 78
5 kms north of Hualfin to Pta. Balasto: Wind ripio, and, flats 79
Pta. Balasto to Cafayate: Made it to Salta province at last 80
Cafayate to Ruta 68 km 62: A can't keep the camera in my pocket kind of day 81
Ruta 68 km 62 to Los Cerrillos: Didn't quite make it to Salta 82
Los Cerrillos to Salta: Here at last 83
A few days off in Salta: New components for the bike 84
Santiago to Salta statistics: 85
Santiago to Salta: 86
Salta, Argentina to Arica, Chile
Salta to Ruta 51 km 52: Back to the mountains 87
Ruta 51 km 52 to San Antonio de los Cobres: Up over 4,000 to my surprise 88
San Antonio de los Cobres to 3 kms east of Olacapato: Sand, washboard, and wind 89
3 kms east of Olacapato to 4 kilometers east of Argentine customs: A day without cars 90
4 kilometers east of Argentine customs to 5 kms east of El Laco: Paso Sico: Over the pass, Chilean border post, and a hot lunch 91
5 kms east of El Laco to 2 kms north of Toconao: Paso Sico: Long day from mountains to desert 92
2 kms north of Toconao to San Pedro de Atacama: From gravel pit to tourist pit 93
San Pedro de Atacama to halfway to Calama: No rims in San Pedro so climbing to Calama 94
Halfway to Calama to all the way to Calama: Easy ride to a rich mining town 95
'Day off' in Calama: It takes a lot to keep this show on the road 96
Calama to 20 kms east of Ruta 5/Ruta 24 junction: Back on the road 97
20 kms east of Ruta 5/Ruta 24 junction to Tocopilla: Back to the Pacific coast 98
Tocopilla to 10 kms south of Río Loa: Ocean and desert 99
10 kms south of Río Loa to Chanavayita: The smell of the ocean 100
Chanavayita to Iquique: Where am I, Miami?? 101
Iquique to 5 kms south of Huara: Climbing away from the ocean 102
5 kms south of Huara to 19 kms east of Cuya: All desert, no ocean 103
19 kms east of Cuya to Arica: A whole lot of climbing, new duds, and a badly needed shower 104
Days off in Arica, Chile: Pulling teeth and other bits of fun 105
Salta, Argentina to Arica, Chile Statistics: 106
Salta to Arica: 107
Arica, Chile to La Paz, Bolivia
Arica to 3 kms west of Molinos: Finally back on the road headed to Bolivia 108
3 kms west of Molinos to 4 kms east of Zapahuira: A looong climb and a personal best 109
4 kms east of Zapahuira to Putre: Short day to Putre to shower and resupply 110
Putre to Canal Lauca: Climb to the high plain 111
Canal Lauca to Salar de Surire: Ripio and wind ride that unexpectedly ended in a bed 112
Salar de Surire to 6 kms north of Taipicollo: Vizcachas, vicuñas, ñandús, and washboard 113
6 kms north of Taipicollo to the northeast corner of Salar de Coipasa, Bolivia: A dip in a hot spring then Bolivia 114
Northeast corner of Salar de Coipasa to northwest edge of Salar de Uyuni: Riding on the salar 115
Northwest edge of Salar de Uyuni to Isla Incahuasi: Another salar and a run-in with some local ruffians 116
Isla Incahuasi to Uyuni: A French encounter, more salar and sand, and a shower at last 117
Day off in Uyuni: A flurry of chores 118
Uyuni to 7 kms east of Tica Tica: Motorcyclists and mechanical problems 119
7 kms east of Tica Tica to Potosí: Gringo incidents and a climb that wouldn´t end 120
Day off in Potosí: Sleep and shop 121
Potosí to some mountain: There´s not much plano in this altiplano 122
Some mountain to Challapata: Like yesterday but windier 123
Challapata to Oruro: Long day of headwinds, then a storm 124
Sick day in Oruro: Recuperating 125
Oruro to Sicasica: Trucks, truckers, and my god is this country cheap 126
Sicasica to El Alto: The road from hell 127
La Paz to La Paz: To the casa de los ciclistas 128
Time off in La Paz: Recuperating, resting, and then an unexpected hike that requires more recuperating 129
Arica, Chile to La Paz, Bolivia statistics: 130
Arica to La Paz Map: 131
La Paz, Bolivia to Cusco, Peru
La Paz to El Chaya: El camino de la muerte 132
El Chaya to Caranavi: Construction on the real Road of Death 133
Caranavi to Guanay: Dusty roller coaster 134
Guanay to unknown river: Busting my ass 135
Unknown river to Mapiri: 2,000 meters on ripio 136
Mapiri to 15 kilometers west of Santa Rosa: Even tougher today 137
15 kilometers west of Santa Rosa to pueblo by the river: Everyone telling me to give up 138
Pueblo by the river to near Tacacoma: They were not kidding 139
Near Tacoma to Sorata: Sorata or bust 140
Day off in Sorata: needed the rest... 141
Sorata to Achacachi: Climbing back onto the altiplano 142
Achacachi to Puerto Acosta: Lake Titikaka 143
Puerto Acosta, Bolivia to Huancané, Peru: Passed 10,000 kilometers leaving Bolivia for Peru 144
Huancané to Juliaca: A flat ride for a change 145
Bus to Puno to get my passport stamped: 146
Juliaca to Ayaviri: Highway, some québécois, and some Argentines 147
Ayaviri to Sicuani: Up then down 148
Sicuani to Urcos: More river canyon 149
Urcos to Cusco: Short ride to Cusco 150
La Paz to Cusco statistics: 151
Time off in Cusco: Food, sleep, coffee, fix the bike 152
La Paz to Cusco Map: 153
Cusco, Peru to Cuenca, Ecuador
Cusco to 5 kilometers west of Mollepata: Finally on the road again 154
5 kilometers west of Mollepata to near Cachora: A close call, clawing back the altitude, and those Dutch with their Rohloffs 155
Near Cachora to Andahuaylas: Crash, broken rim, bus 156
Andahuaylas - Ayacucho - Trujillo by bus: In search of rim 157
Trujillo to near Shirani: Back to the mountains 158
Near Shirani to El Viajero: Big climb 159
El Viajero to 10k east of Quiruvilca: Ripio, hail, and rain 160
10k east of Quiruvilca to Huamachuco: Half day 161
Huamachuco to 15k south of San Marcos: Some cyclists, some drunks, and some rain 162
15k south of San Marcos to Cajamarca: Up and down 163
Cajamarca to pine grove: Tough day to dress for 164
Pine grove to Bambamarca: Entertaining restaurant patrons 165
Bambamarca to 20k west of Cochabamba: The friendliest town in Peru, lost in the mud, then rain 166
20k west of Cochabamba to near Cutervo: And I thought yesterday was muddy... 167
Near Cutervo to 5k north of Cuyca: From cold rain to hot sun 168
5k north of Cuyca to Jaén: Hot like summer 169
Day off in Jaén: working on the bike/how I learned how to change a flat tire 170
Jaén to 23k south of San Ignacio: Hot beginning with rainy end 171
23k south of San Ignacio to Peru-Ecuador border: Out of Peru at last 172
Border to abandoned homestead: Vicious climbing ending with rain 173
Abandoned homestead to 10k north of Valladolid: To build a fire and other stories 174
10k north of Valladolid to Vilcabamba: Soaked morning to dry afternoon 175
Vilcabamba to Loja: Dry to wet in the blink of an eye 176
Loja to 10k south of San Lucas: Beyond soaked 177
10k south of San Lucas to 5k north of Urdaneta: More climbing, less rain 178
5k north of Urdaneta to 7k north of Susudel: Lost a gear, a tire, and almost my lunch 179
7k north of Susudel to Cuenca: Cuenca at last 180
Day off the bike in Cuenca: Mad scramble of chores 181
Equipment check: Sick as a dog 182
Cusco to Cuenca statistics: 183
Cusco, Peru to Cuenca, Ecuador Map: 184
Cuenca, Ecuador to Medellín, Colombia
Cuenca to Azogues: Starting slow 185
Azogues to Cañar: Limping along 186
Cañar to 5 kms south of Chunchi: My new speed: slow 187
5kms south of Chunchi to 5 kms south of Palmiri: Big climb 188
5 kms south of Palmiri to Riobamba: No rain today! 189
Riobamba to Ambato: More climbing (surprise!), public information, and an American cycle tourist! 190
Ambato to 2 kms west of Parque Cotopaxi entrance: Highway ride 191
2 kms west of Parque Cotopaxi entrance to Machachi: Warning: excessive volcano photos 192
Machachi to Tumbaco: Heading to the casa de los ciclistas 193
Tumbaco to Cayambe: Into the Northern Hemisphere 194
Cayambe to Lago Yahuarcocha: 195
Lago Yahuarcocha to 5kms south of El Ángel: Long descent then long climb 196
5 kms south of El Ángel to refugio del Voladero: Cold, wet climb on cobblestones and ripio 197
Refugio del Veladero, Ecuador to Las Lajas, Colombia: Into Colombia 198
Las Lajas to 20 kms south of Pasto: Big descent and big climb 199
20 kms south of Pasto to Pasto: Short ride into Pasto for some days off 200
Pasto to Santiago: Escape from Pasto, cold rain, then a night in a church theater. 201
Santiago to road to Mocoa km 102: Interviewed by Colombian televison before tackling the "trampolín de la muerte" 202
Road to Mocoa km 102 to Mocoa: More 'trampoline of death', a broken rack (not mine), and a game of checkers 203
Mocoa to San Juan de Villalobos: Couldn't have gotten more wet if I had jumped in a lake 204
San Juan de Villalobos to San Augustín: Like yesterday only less rain 205
Day off in San Augustín: A bit of tourism 206
San Augustín to 5kms south of Garzón: Back down 207
5kms south of Garzón to gas station: Chatting up a storm with the locals 208
Gas station to Neiva: Short and fast ride to Neiva 209
Neiva to desert: Wandering around the Tatacoa desert 210
Desert to Castilla: Hot, hotter, hottest 211
Castilla to Ibagué: Hot and flat followed by hot and not flat 212
Ibagué to San Felipe: 213
San Felipe to Puerto Triunfo: 214
Puerto Triunfo to some paradero: 215
Some paradero to El Santuario: 2,000 meter day 216
El Santuario to San Antonio de Prado (Medellín): Arrived at the casa de los ciclistas 217
Days off in Medellín: Retracing some family footsteps 218
Cuenca to Medellín statistics: 219
Cuenca to Medellín Map: 220
Medellín to Cartagena
Intermission: 221
Back to Medellín: Getting ready to roll 222
San Antonio de Prado to finca on Río Cauca: The kindness of strangers 223
Finca on Río Cauca to Jardín: Sweatin' off those vacation pounds 224
Jardín to Río Sucio: Long climb, some rain, long descent 225
Río Sucio to Ansermanuevo: Down to the Cauca valley 226
Ansermanuevo to Bolivar: Short day due to more unexpected kindness 227
Bolivar to Cali: Into the big city 228
Cali to Tuluá: Out of Cali like I came in: hot and flat 229
Tuluá to Rivera Verde: Back to the mountains 230
Rivera Verde to Santa Ana: Climbing myself into a corner 231
Santa Ana to Villamaria: Short day to Manizales 232
Villamaría to camp at 3,000 meters, Parque los Nevados: Climbing to El Nevado del Ruiz with a few wrong turns 233
Camp at 3,000 meters to camp at 4,000 meters: I guess I'm no longer acclimated to the altitude... 234
Camp at 4,000 meters to Villamaria: Go back whence you came hermano. Do not pass Go, do not collect 200,000 pesos. 235
Villamaría to Las Delgaditas: A climb, a milestone, and a night of fun at a gas station 236
Last Delgaditas to La Dorada: El Magdalena redux 237
La Dorada to somewhere on Ruta 45: Just like Texas 238
Somewhere on Ruta 45 to Campo Veintitrés: Flats, flat, rain, and no I don't want any company thank you 239
Campo Veintitrés to Lebrija: Plains to mountains 240
Lebrija to Bucaramanga: Set up by cyclists 241
Bucaramanga to San Alberto: Blut und Eisen 242
San Alberto to Pelaya: Trucks and more trucks 243
Pelaya to Cuatrovientos: 244
Cuatrovientos to somewhere between Ciénaga and Santa Marta: Early bird gets the worm 245
Somewhere between Ciénaga and Santa Marta to Santa Marta: Short day to do some chores 246
Santa Marta to Río Mendihuaca: Heading to the beach 247
Río Mendihuaca to Baranoa: Chewing up these flat roads 248
Baranoa to Punto Canoa: Louisiana dreams 249
Punto Canoa to Cartagena: The city of sweat 250
Medellín to Cartagena statistics: 251
Medellín to Cartagena: 252
South America Statistical Summary: 253
Cartagena, Colombia to San Cristobal de las Casas, México
Cartagena to Portabelo, Panama by boat: The Isle of Misfits 254
Portobelo - Colón - Panamá: Rescued from certain death? 255
Panama City to Santa Clara: Strip-mall-landia 256
Santa Clara to near Santiago: More highway and rain 257
Near Santiago to Las Lajas: More climbing than expected 258
Las Lajas to David: Short day to get some things done 259
David, Panama to 5kms south of Venecia, Costa Rica: Into Costa Rica 260
5kms south of Venecia to Playa Dominical: 261
Day off at Playa Dominical: 262
Playa Dominical to Orotina: Scenery, heat, rain, and hotels playing hard to get 263
Orotina to Las Cañas: Grim highway ride 264
Las Cañas, Costa Rica to Rivas, Nicaragua: Another week, another country 265
Rivas to Granada: Easy day 266
Granada to León: OCD riding at its best 267
Léon to Somotillo: 268
Somotillo, Nicaragua to Amatillo, Honduras: A country in a day 269
Amatillo, Honduras to San Vicente, El Salvador: Left it all out there today 270
San Vicente to Playa Sunzal: Back to the ocean 271
El Sunzal: Des vacances au bout de la nuit 272
El Sunzal to Sonsonate: 273
Sonsonate, El Salvador to Jalpatagua, Guatemala: I loved El Salvador so much I kissed the pavement before I left. 274
Jalpatagua to Barberena: Convalescence ride 275
Barberena to Antigua: 276
Antigua to Tecpán: Late start, ended the day back in the cheap zone 277
Tecpán to 5 kms east of Nahualá: Up and down 278
5 kilometers past Nahualá to Huehuetenango: 279
Day off in Huehuetenango: Dinged ribs and some tourism at last 280
Huehuetenango, Guatemala to Laguna de Colón, Chiapas, Mexico: Into Mexico 281
Laguna de Colón to Comitán de Dominguez: Feels a bit like coming home 282
Comitán to San Cristobal de las Casas: One city to another 283
Days off in San Cristobal: Resting my ribs 284
Cartagena to San Cristobal de las Casas statistics: 285
Cartagena, Colombia to San Cristobal de las Casas, México Map: 286
San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico to Guadalajara
Happy Thanksgiving!: 287
San Cristobal de las Casas to Ocosingo: Cold and rain 288
Ocosingo to Palenque: Not the easy day I had in mind 289
Day off in Palenque: I've been here before but why not see it again. 290
Palenque to somewhere down that crazy river: My world is a flood, slowly I become one with the mud 291
Somewhere down that crazy river to Ciudad del Carmen: Flat highway into the wind day 292
Time off in Ciudad del Carmen: 293
Ciudad del Carmen to Frontera: Back the way I came 294
Frontera to Cárdenas: Highway madness 295
Cárdenas to 20 kilometers east of Minatitlán: Bring it on 296
20 kilometers east of Minatitlán to Cosamaloapan: A year on the road 297
Cosamaloapán, Vera Cruz to Jalapa de Diaz, Oaxaca: Detour 298
Jalapa de Diaz to Huautla: Big climb 299
Huautla to Ejido San Juan Tilapa: Wet and cold to hot and dry 300
Ejido San Juan Tilapa to Tlacotapec de Benito Juárez: I thought this valley was going to be flat... 301
Tlacotapec de Benito Juárez to Puebla: My cash worth: 7 pesos (and 20 Swiss francs) 302
Sick days in Puebla: 303
Puebla to somewhere on the Arco Norte: 3 flats in a highway kind of day 304
Somewhere on the Arco Norte to San Juan del Río: Pushing the limit 305
San Juan del Río to San Joaquín: Into the mountains 306
Day off in San Joaquín: 307
San Joaquín to Querétaro: Less climbing and more wind 308
Santiago de Querétaro to Pénjamo: Flying across Querétaro with the east wind 309
Pénjamo to La Barca: Into Jalisco at last 310
La Barca to Guadalajara: Le Tour d'Oxxo 311
San Cristobal de las Casas to Guadalajara Statistics: 312
San Cristobal de las Casas to Guadalajara Map: 313
Intermission II
Guadalajara, Jalisco: 314
Pátzcuaro, Michoacán: 315
Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco: How the .5% live in Mexico 316
Back in Guadalajara: 317
Europe: 318
Why I don’t get out of the tent in the middle of the night in the desert.: 319
Guadalajara, Mexico to San Ysidro, California, U.S.A
Time to walk the dog: 320
Guadalajara to Magdalena: Ooof the layoff hurt... 321
Magdalena to Jala: Gut-be-gone 322
Jala to Tepic: Ditto, just add flats 323
Tepic to Tecuala: down to sea level 324
Tecuala to Rosario: Another Bostonian 325
El Rosario to the Sea of Cortez: On the ferry to Baja California 326
Sea of Cortez to La Paz: This place is packed with Americans 327
La Paz to Ruta 1 km 87: 328
Ruta 1 km 87 to Ciudad Constitución: Theme for the day: Headwinds 329
Ciudad Constitución to unknown beach: Back to the ocean 330
Unknown beach to Ruta 1 km 53: Away from the coast for a while 331
Ruta 1 km 53 to Mulegé: A slice of beach paradise 332
Mulegé to Santa Rosalía: Plan B 333
Santa Rosalía to Ruta 1 km 87: tense 334
Ruta 1 km 87 to Ruta 1 km 187: On a horse with no name. 335
Ruta 1 km 184 to 4 kilometers north of Valle Jesus y María: Eslogeando 336
4 kilometers north of Valle Jesus y María to 7 kms north of Parador: 337
7 kms north of Parador to Cataviña: 338
Cataviña to El Rosario: All out for El Rosario 339
El Rosario to San Quintín: Battling the traffic 340
San Quintín to San Vicente: Qué descanses en paz amigo 341
San Vicente to 3kms north of El Sauzal: Urban death ride 342
3 kms north of El Sauzal, Mexico to San Ysidro, California: Don't kick me off the cuota, hermano/ Back in the US of A 343
Guadalajara, Mexico to San Ysidro, California statistics: 344
Guadalajara, Mexico to San Ysidro, California route map: 345
Central America/Mexico Statistical Summary: 346
San Ysidro, California to Saint George, Utah
San Ysidro to Chula Vista: Shopping madness...kilometers to miles 347
Chula Vista to Sacred Rocks: 348
Sacred Rocks to 3 miles south of Calipatria: Blown away 349
3 miles south of Calipatria to the Salton Sea: 350
Salton Sea to Cottonwood Springs, Joshua Tree Park: One campground to another 351
Cottonwood Springs, Joshua Tree Park to 33 miles east of 29 Palms: Desert ride redux 352
33 miles east of 29 Palms, CA to Parker, AZ: Big tailwind finishes this day up fast 353
Parker, AZ to 10 miles north of Lake Havasu: - 30 bucks a night? But the desert is free! 354
10 miles north of Lake Havasu to Kingman: Route 66 355
Kingman to Grand Canyon Caverns: Snow! 356
Grand Canyon Caverns to I-40 exit 149: 357
I-40 exit 149 to back country 10 miles south of Grand Canyon: 358
Back country 10 miles south of Grand Canyon to Mather Campground: Warning! excessive Grand Canyon photos 359
Mather Campground to forest service road 307: Unbeatable campsite tonight 360
Forest service road 307 to Cameron: Goodbye to the canyon 361
Cameron to 5 miles north of Cow Springs: Finally made that bonehead move 362
5 miles north of Cow Springs to Mexican Hat, Utah: Monument Valley 363
Mexican Hat, Utah to Cedar Mesa: Goosenecks Park, Valley of the Gods, Cedar Mesa 364
Cedar Mesa to Arch Canyon Overview (Forest Service road 088): Natural Bridges, Bears Ears 365
Arch Canyon Overview (Forest Service road 088) to Devil's Canyon: Elk Ridge, Milk Ranch Point 366
Devil's Canyon to Moab: The Four Horsemen of the Bike Tour Apocalypse 367
Day off in Moab: Well, day off the bike at least. 368
Moab to near I-70: Colorado River canyons 369
Near I-70 to Grand Junction, Colorado: In search of stuff 370
Days off in Grand Junction, CO: Is Windows 8 really this bad or am I on some kind of hidden-camera reality TV show? 371
Grand Junction to Rabbit Valley: Colorado National Monument 372
Rabbit Valley to back country north of Arches: 373
Back country north of Arches to Green River 5 miles south of I-70: Wind and more wind 374
Green River 5 miles south of I-70 to San Rafael River: Short day to enjoy the camping 375
San Rafael River to 8 miles west of Horseshoe Canyon: Would you like some sand with that sand? 376
8 miles west of Horseshoe Canyon to Muddy Creek: Utah rocks. 377
Muddy Creek to Hanksville: Richtig kämpfen 378
Day off in Hanksville: 379
Hanksville to Cainesville Wash (Cathedral Valley): Back to business 380
Cainesville Wash to Cathedral Campground (Capitol Reef): What I will and won't do for water. 381
Cathedral Campground (Capitol Reef) to Torrey: Back to civilization 382
Torrey to 2 miles south of Boulder: I must be on an ACA route 383
2 miles south of Boulder to Main Canyon (FS 17): Haven't talked this much since Mexico. 384
Main Canyon (FS 17) to National Forest near Bryce: Das Wind hat mich total gebitchslapped. 385
Bryce Canyon: Seeing the sights 386
Bryce Canyon day 2: 387
Bryce Canyon to Kodachrome Basin: Bryce sunrise, Kodachrome sunset 388
Kodachrome Basin to Cottonwood Road: Avoiding bad weather. 389
Cottonwood Road to Page, Arizona: Scenic ride through Cottonwood Canyon 390
Page, Arizona to Vermillion Cliffs, Utah: Payback 391
Vermillion Cliffs to Kanab: More ᾧἷᾗḋ 392
Kenab to BLM mesa southwest of Zion: Making contact 393
BLM mesa to Springdale to Zion to Springdale: Angels Landing 394
Springdale to St George: Sore: no. Tired: yes. 395
'Day off' in Saint George: Chores, chores, chores... 396
San Ysidro, California to Saint George, Utah Statistics: 397
San Ysidro, California to Saint George, Utah Route Map: 398
Saint George, Utah to Portland, Oregon
Saint George, Utah to west of Bunkerville, Nevada: Goodbye Utah, thank you for an awesome ride. 399
West of Bunkerville to near Apex: Camping in the firing range. 400
Near Apex to Las Vegas: Where am I? 401
Las Vegas to Old Spanish Trail: Battling that wind again... 402
Old Spanish Trail to off Warm Springs Road, Death Valley: Bring on the Death 403
Off Warm Springs Road to Furnace Creek, Death Valley: Sightseeing and a shower 404
Furnace Creek, Death Valley to Beatty, Nevada: Climbing out of the valley 405
Beatty, Nevada to Death Valley 3 miles south of Titus Canyon exit: Titus Canyon 406
3 miles south of Titus Canyon exit to Panamint Springs: Banished to the pavement. 407
Panamint Springs to Alabama Hills above Lone Pine: A spring in my step 408
Alabama Hills above Lone Pine to 10 miles north of Bishop: Flattish ride into the wind. 409
10 miles north of Bishop to Lee Vining: Any ride that ends in a shower is a good ride. 410
Lee Vining to Little Walker Road: Solo again, climb and camp 411
Little Walker Road to Gardnerville: It's good (and lucky) to be alive. 412
Gardnerville to Carson City: The friendliest place in America? 413
Carson City to Incline Village, Lake Tahoe, California: From one kind host to another with a climb in between. 414
Incline Village to near Stampede Reservoir: Tahoe National Forest 415
Near Stampede Reservoir to nowhere: Day off in the woods. 416
Near Stampede Reservoir to near Lake Davis: One forest to another 417
Near Lake Davis to near Antelope Lake: Plumas National Forest 418
Near Antelope Lake to Creek Valley: Lassens National Forest 419
Creek Valley to McArthur: Kindness of strangers week continues 420
McArthur to Blanche Lake, Modoc National Forest: One million (stinky) feet 421
Blanche Lake to Tulelake: Forest to farmland 422
Tulelake to Winema Nat. Forest near Fort Klamath, Oregon: Another flattish ride into the wind 423
Winema Nat. Forest near Fort Klamath, Oregon to Diamond Lake: Crater Lake 424
Diamond Lake to near Horse Camp, Umpqua National Forest: Short day 425
Near Horse Camp, Umpqua National Forest to Gilchrist State Forest: Unexpected encounters in the woods. 426
Gilchrist State Forest to Bend: Hit a wall but saved by a cyclist 427
Bend to Madras: The stage is set. 428
Madras to Mt Hood National Forest: Wind and a mountain between me and that rest 429
Mt Hood National Forest to Portland: Rain ride to Portland with a warm bed awaiting. 430
Around Portland: 431
Around Around: 432
St George, Utah to Portland, Oregon route map: 433