Happy Thanksgiving!:

The day kicked off with some more drama at the hostel. The boyfriend was back, trying to take stuff out of the house. He was in a state so I hung around trying to inject some calm into the situation. Eventually the police came and took the couple down to the station to hash things out. His dog, a big St. Bernard, was kind of traumatized by what was going on. She ran a couple blocks down the street and sat down. I went to get her but she wouldn't come with me until after I sat next to her for a while petting her ears, then she reluctantly agreed to follow me back to the hostel.

I decided to stay another day because I really wasn't up for cycling on Thanksgiving and I wanted to have time to call family. In lieu of turkey I went out for a big plate of chilaquiles verdes and eggs, my favorite Mexican meal.

In spite of all the drama I have enjoyed my stay at the hostel. It has a friendly group of people working there and hanging around. Yesterday I had a long talk with an Australian who is quite the traveler. He once did a journey on horseback through Colombia and Ecuador. I also spent some time sharing tips for the road with a father/daughter from Basque country. They rode around Cuba and said it was great, something I've been thinking of...

Happy Thanksgiving!

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My new friend. Poor lass is a bit confused by today's events.
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Thanksgiving meal: chilaquiles verdes con huevos estrellados.