Day off in Sorata: needed the rest...

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Thursday, April 25th, 2013

First order of the day was breakfast. I went for the local breakfast place, had to wait a half hour but it was cheap and good. Rich the German joined me for a bit on his way to meet his guide, he is going hiking for 6 days in the mountains with a guide and a mule.

Next order of business was laundry. I found a place that had machines - I´ve definitely reentered civilization. Then I worked on the bike for a while, replacing a broken spoke on the front rim, removing and cleaning the v-brake arms that were no longer springing correctly, and generally lubing everything up. I found some bicycle oil at the market but it´s crap, it pours on like water. Better than nothing. I cleaned a lot of my gear that I had let slide during this past week.

Then I went back to bed for a long, long nap. In the afternoon I got on the internet to update the blog. When I went for dinner I met 2 French couples who are on long trips. It´s crazy the number of French people I have met on this trip. We exchanged stories and impressions of Bolivia and South America.