Cuenca to Azogues: Starting slow

Statistics for today
Distance 33.00 kms 20.51 miles
Climbed 359 meters 1,178 feet
Ride time (hours) 2.37 -
Avg speed 13.5 kph -
Avg climb 3% -
Max grade 15% -
Statistics for trip to date
Distance 11,953.55 kms 7,427.87 miles
Climbed 136,969 meters 449,373 feet
Ride time (hours) 956.91 -
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Sunday, June 30th, 2013

I was holed up in Cuenca for the last two weeks trying to recover from my food poisoning/flu. Cuenca is a nice town but after two weeks of wearily moping around the city I was bored to tears… I lost some kilos that I didn’t really have to lose; the last few days I ate furiously to try and rebuild some strength. Even though I still didn’t feel 100% I decided to head out on Sunday just to try and relieve the boredom. I made it a short day: 32 kilometers to the next big town up the E35 called Azogues where I stopped and got a hostal. It turned out to be a wise move as it started raining a half hour after I settled in.

I will be trying to take it easy over the next few days as I hopefully get back into riding shape.

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My home for two weeks in Cuenca.
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A sign for a lawyers' office in Azogues. "Verdugo" means executioner in English, as in hangman. Brilliant name for a lawyer.
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