Sagebrush, Saguaro, and Sweat

A fall jaunt deep into the Sonoran and Mojave deserts

3,015 kilometers (1,873.43 miles) over days from October 10, 2017 to

Table of Contents
Sagebrush, Saguaro, and Sweat: Introduction 1
Phoenix to Lake Pleasant: Ouch, been a while 2
Lake Pleasant to Trilby Wash: All of the above 3
Trilby Wash to Alamo Road: Into the Mojave 4
Alamo Road to Alamo Lake: can't get across 5
Alamo Lake to Wenden: into the wind 6
Wenden to La Posa Road: a massive breakfast followed by trucks and wind 7
La Posa Road to Vidal Junction: into California 8
Vidal Junction to Needles: wind in my face 9
Needles to Mojave Road: out for a walk in the sand (with a heavily loaded bike) 10
Cycling Mojave National Preserve: Mojave Road to Fort Piute 11
Cycling Mojave National Preserve: Fort Piute to Rock Springs 1 12
Cycling Mojave National Preserve: Fort Piute to Rock Springs 2 13
Cycling Mojave National Preserve: Rock Springs to Aiken Mine Road 14
Aiken Mine Road to Field Road: Return to civilization 15
Field Road to Barstow Road: 16
Barstow Road to Apple Valley: an oasis in the desert 17
Apple Valley to Landers: no bed tonight 18
Landers to Ryan Campground: Joshua Tree National Park 19
Joshua Tree to Salton Sea: up, down, up, down, down, down 20
Salton Sea: Day off (sort of) 21
Cycling the Bradshaw Trail: Day 1, Bradshaw Road 22
Cycling the Bradshaw Trail: Day 2, to Chuckwalla Well 23
Cycling the Bradshaw Trail day 3: to Blythe 24
Blythe to near Parker: chores, ride, more chores 25
Cycling Alamo Lake Day 1: to Arizona Peace Trail 26
Cycling Alamo Lake Day 1: to Arizona Peace Trail part 2 27
Cycling Alamo Lake Day 2: arrival 28
Cycling Alamo Lake Day 2: arrival part 2 29
Cycling Alamo Lake Day 3: around the lake to Wickenburg Road 30
Cycling Alamo Lake Day 4: Wickenburg Road to Vulture Mine Road 31
Vulture Mine Road to Old US 80: minimal dirt today 32
Old US 80 to Gila Bend: clean up 33
Gila Bend to near Casa Grande: get me off these highways! 34
Near Casa Grande to West Silverbell Road: rough morning 35
West Silverbell Road to Tucson Mountain Park: 36
Sort-of day off: of motorcycles, bunny-boilers, and the New Testament 37
Tucson Mountain Park to Buenos Aires Wildlife Refuge: 38
Buenos Aires Wildlife Refuge to Arivaca Lake: 4 deuces 39
Arivaca Lake to Nogales: Ruby Road 40
Nogales to San Rafael Ranch: 41
San Rafael Ranch to Parker Canyon Lake: a day at the zoo 42
Parker Canyon Lake to Huachuca: the dreaded double flat 43
Huachuca to Tombstone: a German Thanksgiving 44
Tombstone to Cochise Stronghold: Cochise Trail hike-a-bike 45
Cochise Stronghold to Willcox: a taste of New Orleans 46
Willcox to San Pedro River: 47
San Pedro River to Willow Road: Javelinas and chilaquiles 48
Willow Road to Apache Junction: one wrong turn makes for a very long day 49
Apache Junction to North Phoenix: last ride 50
Epilogue: Operation Rescue Motorcycle 51