Bert and I

Europe, by motorcycle, from middle to bottom to top to bottom to middle.

27,651 kilometers (17,181.53 miles) over 120 days from June 02, 2005 to October 18, 0205

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Table of Contents
Introduction: I need a vacation 1
Bert the blue whale: My faithful travel companion 2
The motorcycle: Affectionately known as Greta 3
Boston: Tune-up and tires 4
New York: Dropping off the bike 5
New York: Hanging out in the city 6
Back in Boston: Saying goodbye 7
Basel, Switzerland
Basel: Arrival in Europe 8
Basel: Hanging out waiting for the motorcycle to arrive 9
Frankfurt: Autobahn madness, and Lufthansa breaks fairings. 10
Basel to Narbonne, France
Basel to Thones, France: Pure joy in the Alps. 11
Thones to Mars, Ardèche: Grenoble, Parc du Vercors, a brilliant dinner. 12
Mars to Au fin fond du Lot: Hail is painful but friends await. 13
Au fin fond du Lot: Hanging out with friends. 14
Cahors to Narbonne: Straight highway shot. 15
Narbonne and thereabouts: Seeing the sights, doing some chores. 16
Narbonne to Barcelona: Side-trip to Spain (in a car). 17
Narbonne, France to Oslo, Norway
Narbonne to Pulversheim: Back to business. 18
Pulversheim, France to Philippsburg, Germany: Renewed my insurance; happy ending. 19
Philippsburg to Louisendorf: Free pie for being American. 20
Louisendorf to Tostedt (Hamburg): Not every recommendation from a local is a good one. 21
Hamburg: Laundry in Altona. 22
Hamburg to Kiel: Baltic Sea. 23
Kiel to Copenhagen, Denmark: Into Scandinavia. 24
Copenhagen to Gothenburg, Sweden: Another day, another country. 25
Gothenburg to Oslo, Norway: Don't fine me bro. 26
Land of the fjords
Oslo to Voss: Now it's getting good. 27
Voss to Ålesund: Wow. 28
Ålesund to Trondheim: Trollstigen, ferries, rain, then a shitower to warm up at the end of the day. 29
Trondheim to north of Mosjoen: First time meeting long-distance cyclists. 30
Mosjoen to Narvik: The Arctic Circle, and a minor wipeout. 31
Narvik to Nordkapp: The race to Nordkapp, midnight sun, trying to sleep on top of the motorcycle in front of a gas station. 32
Gas station to Kirkenes: Ouff I've got a hangover, still over 300 miles to go in the rain. 33
Kirkenes to Berlin
Kirkenes to Ivalo, Finland: Dodging reindeer in the freezing rain. 34
Ivalo to Örnik, Sweden: Straight ahead. 35
Örnik to Iggesund: Aggressive Swedish passing manoeuvres. 36
Iggesund to Stockholm: Shortish day. 37
Days in Stockholm: Rest, chores, and a bit of fun. 38
Stockholm to Trelleborg: Catching the ferry to Germany. 39
Rostock to Berlin: More Autobahn madness. 40
Berlin: spassig (fun). 41
Berlin: spassiger (funner). 42
Berlin: spassigste (funnest). 43
Prague, Austria, Swiss Alps, back to Narbonne
Berlin to Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic: Back on the road. 44
Ústí to Prague: Sightseeing 45
Prague to Poggstall, Austria: On the Donau 46
Poggstall to Jüdenberg: Scraping the pegs until the rain moves in 47
Jüdenberg to Munich, Germany: Escape from the rain 48
Munich to Silandro, Italy: The Alps (motorcycle heaven). 49
Silandro to Disentis, Switzerland: Border-hopping over the passes. 50
Disentis to La Chambre, France: Kid in the candy store. 51
La Chambre to Narbonne: Long day in the saddle. 52
Narbonne redux: Rest, badly needed maintenance for the motorcycle. 53
Narbonne: Break in the tires, see the sights. 54
Narbonne to Berga, Spain: 55
Berga to Vielha: 56
Vielha to Lourdes, France: Criss-crossing the Pyrenées, end the day at a Catholic tourist trap 57
Lourdes to Biarritz: 58
Biarritz: Day off for a swim 59
Biarritz to Burgos: 60
Burgos to Gijón: Picos de Europa 61
Gijón to A Coruña: 62
A Coruña to Vigo: 63
Vigo to Astorga: 64
Astorga to Ciudad Rodrigo via Portugal: 65
Ciudad Rodrigo to Miajadas: 66
Miajadas to San Pedro de Alcántara: 67
San Pedro de Alcántara to Marbella: Gibraltar 68
Marbella to Mojácar: 69
Mojácar to Castellón: 70
Castellón to Barcelona: 71
Barcelona to Narbonne: 72
Narbonne: Back at headquarters, equipment check 73
Making my way home
Narbonne to Cahors: Le Lot, another visit 74
Cahors to Rambouillet: Making my way north 75
Rambouillet to Rotterdam, The Netherlands: A stop in Paris 76
Rotterdam to Amsterdam: 77
Amsterdam to Zeebrugge, Belgium: dropping of Greta for the ship home 78
Zeebrugge to Basel, Switzerland: By train back to Basel 79
Basel to Zurich to Dublin to Boston: The journey home 80
United States: Epilogue 81
Statistics: 82