Boston: Tune-up and tires

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Saturday, June 4th, 2005

Got a full tune-up and new Michelin Macadam 50 tires from my mechanic on Saturday. I used to swear by the Metzeler tires but the mechanic talked me into the Michelins (this is my second set) and I'll never go back. The Metzelers used to want to dive when I would lower the bike into corners. I was always making adjustments to keep the bike on a steady line. I figured all of this was due to the K75 being top-heavy until I put the Michelins on; now I can get into and out of a peg-scraping corner as smoothly as a rice rocket.

In addition to the better handling I get more miles out the Michelins than I used to with the Metzelers. To get 10k out of a Metzeler I had to go with the 880 which is way too stiff to have fun in the mountains.

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"I'm flying, Jack!"