Kirkenes to Ivalo, Finland: Dodging reindeer in the freezing rain.

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Distance 261 kms 162 miles
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Distance 11,091 kms 6,892 miles
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Friday, July 29th, 2005

I drive east towards the Russian border just to get the Murmansk sign photo. There are other signs saying this is a militarized zone, don't take pictures. Ok then. It's pretty strange to be right next to Russia. I briefly consider trying to get a visa to go in but realistically it won't happen on short notice. I went about 10 years ago, I remember it took a while to do the paperwork. Instead I head for Finland. Breakfast on the way, a bunch of Norwegians tell me I'm crazy to be driving in this weather. Well...I'm not staying here any longer so the only thing to do is suck it up and head south. Route 893, nobody at the Finnish border. Arrive in Ivalo at 15h30, by then I've had it with the rain and the reindeer. They are all over the road in Lapland. It makes for heart attack driving. Hotel at Ivalo, I end up having sauteed reindeer for dinner so I feel like I've gotten my revenge.

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Holy shit Bert, we're not in Kansas anymore. Sign for Murmansk at the Russian border
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Finland = reindeer slalom
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More reindeer
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Lots of lakes in Finland. Nothing but lakes in fact. And reindeer. And mosquitos. And saunas. Okay, there's more stuff than just lakes in Finland.