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Wednesday, June 8th, 2005

Things with my girlfriend have suddenly become tense. She was supposed to come with me to Europe for the first two weeks, we bought tickets and planned it out, but the stress of my leaving for four months is wearing on the relationship. It's to be expected but somehow I thought we would get away with it.

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Nous deux

I spend a few days wrapping up loose ends, packing, and generally trying to not stress out about the fact that the motoryclce has been held up in customs in New York for some reason. No one seems to know why, and the day of my flight arrives with still no movement in New York. I just have to take it on faith that customs will eventually clear it...if I end up in Europe with the bike stuck in the U.S. things will get ugly.

It's time for my flight, tearful goodbyes at the airport. I'm feeling the first consequences of taking a different tack. I knew this trip would be costly, not just in the financial sense.