Rostock to Berlin: More Autobahn madness.

Statistics for today
Distance 250 kms 155 miles
Statistics for trip to date
Distance 13,679 kms 8,500 miles
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Sunday, August 7th, 2005

I try to gamble away all my Swedish kröner on the ship but I keep winning! I end up with two big handfulls of 1 kröner coins, so I go into the shop and just buy a bunch of junk. The cashier is pissed off about the coins.

It's raining in Germany. Fun to be back on the Autobahn. Rostock-Berlin 250 kilometers goes quick. There is an accident where a BMW sedan is a good 100 meters off the highway into the woods. I can't believe they got that far off the road... the downside of no speed limits. Unlikely anyone survived that crash. Berlin, Kreuzberg, I find the street fairly quickly, a guy lets me into the building since the bell is kaputt. It's 11am and I'm waking everyone up.

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Franck in his cool appart, Berlin
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Berlin canal, Kreuzberg