Philippsburg to Louisendorf: Free pie for being American.

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Wednesday, July 13th, 2005

Breakfast at 8h30. First German breakfast. Sausage, bread, orange juice, hardboiled egg. On the road at 9. Heading towards Frankfurt on the Autobahn I pass a cop going 95mph, he's doing 80. He doesn't blink an eye, oh what a feeling! Frankfurt. Ronald, Susan, trois suédois. Café at Starbucks. Wetlar, in Gladenbucher Bergland I hit some great roads, sharp turns. Lixfeld, Stuffenberg, Frankenberg. See a sign for a hotel for 20 Euros and head that way to Louisendorf.

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Louisenberg, Germany
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Louisendorf from the hotel. Bucolic.

Christoph's hotel. I have dinner right there: Thunfisch (tuna), Pfannengemuse (sautéed vegetables), Reis (rice). Sehr gut (Very good). I joke around with the waitress, her name is Anneta. Talk with the guy at the next table, he asks about how I got the bike to Europe. I drive over to Frankenberg, internet on a unix box that's totally locked down, I can't upload pictures.

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Anneta und Bert

Back in Louisendorf I hang out with Anneta, Christoph and Rudiger. Rudiger is a telcoms engineer for Alcatel. Stay up until 1am talking, all German. I've got a wicked headache trying to remember words in German. Anneta gives me a free slice of pie for being the first American to ever stay at their hotel. Candle and everything. When I show Bert to Christoph he immediately asks "Wo ist Ernie?" (Where is Ernie?). Good laugh.

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Prize for being the first American ever at the hotel