Four Noble Truths

Cycling Southeast Asia

4,337 kilometers (2,694.89 miles) over 60 days from December 01, 2016 to January 29, 2017

Table of Contents
Introduction: The Four Noble Truths 1
Taipei to Bangkok: The joy of flying with a bicycle 2
Bangkok to Pathum Thani: Traffic madness 3
Pathum Thani to Kanchanaburi: 346 4
Kanchanaburi: tourism and a rest 5
Kanchanaburi to Ratchaburi: going downmarket 6
Ratchaburi to Cha-am: first look at the coast 7
Cha-am: crazyguyonabike encounter, sketchy people, and a change of plans 8
Cha-am to Kui Buri: Monkey see, monkey do 9
Kui Buri to Bangsaphan: Give the wind an assist 10
Bangsaphan to Thungwualaen Beach: Coastal cruise, sort of 11
Thungwualaen Beach to Tha Chang: on fire 12
Tha Chang to Ao Luek: switching coasts, switching languages 13
Ban Bor Thor: cave kayaking 14
Ao Luek to Klong Muang Beach: finally got that Thai massage. Ouch. 15
Khlong Muang to Ko Lanta: checking out an island 16
Koh Lanta National Park: surprisingly hard but worth the effort 17
Koh Lanta to Pakmeng Beach: one great sunset to another, highway in between 18
Pakmeng Beach to Yan Ta Khao: rain-abbreviated day (please give me food) 19
Yan Ta Khao to Satun: making up distance 20
Satun to Kangar, Malaysia: climbing! to a new country 21
Kangar to Kajang: bus... 22
Kajang to Port Dickson: le tour de palm tree 23
Port Dickson to Malacca: Malacca, as in straights thereof 24
Malacca to Batu Pahat: 25
Batu Pahat to Pontian: Hot? yup Flat? yup 26
Pontian to Johor Bahru: Sounds like a place Jabba the Hut would live (Merry Christmas!) 27
Johor Bahru to Singapore: How the hell do I get out of this country? 28
Johor Bahru to Singapore: First day, continued 29
Around Singapore: seeing the sights 30
Singapore: days off, then Bangkok and the 40 kilogram, 1 kilometer medley 31
Thailand (part 2)
Bangkok to Thanyaburi: escape from Bangkok (and overly-friendly hotel staff), second edition 32
Thanyaburi to Kaeng Khoi: left or right? 33
Kaeng Khoi to Chai Badan: grace in the linguistic desert 34
Chai Badan to Ban Na Chaliang: grinding out some kilometers 35
Ban Na Chaliang to Phetchabun: easy day 36
Phetchabun to Khao Kho: climbing for real 37
Khao Kho to Phitsanulok: rain 38
Phitsanulok to Uttaradit: canal ride 39
Uttaradit to Rongkwang: mild climbing 40
Rongkwang to Pong: 41
Pong to Chiang Rai: heading for a rest 42
Chiang Rai to Mae Chedi: coffee ride curry ride coffee ride pork chicken rice fruit sleep 43
Mae Chedi to Phrao: ever heard of a switchback? 44
Phrao to Chiang Mai: into tourist central 45
Mad dash to Bangkok day 1: 185.6 kilometers 46
Mad dash to Bangkok day 2: 168.5 kilometers 47
Mad dash to Bangkok day 3: 211 kilometers 48
Mad dash to Bangkok day 4: 147.6 kilometers 49
Around Bangkok: preparing to head to Europe 50