Bangkok to Thanyaburi: escape from Bangkok (and overly-friendly hotel staff), second edition

Statistics for today
Distance 43.60 kms 27.34 miles
Ride time (hours) 2.75 -
Avg speed 15.8 kph -
Statistics for trip to date
Distance 2,335.50 kms 1,451.52 miles
Ride time (hours) 122.55 -
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Wednesday, January 4th, 2017

Reassembling the bike with no help from the handsy hotel lady.

I wake up early despite not getting to sleep until about 3am. I'm likely to be dragging today so I resolve to not try to go too far. After a free "breakfast" (Nescafe, bananas, cookies) it's time to reassemble the bike. I bring it out onto the little sidewalk next to the hotel and get to work; it only takes 30 minutes but in the heat and sun it feels painful. As I'm finishing the hotel manager comes out and asks me about what I'm doing. Then she asks me if I am married, then she starts getting feely with the hands... Hahaha whoa hold on there! I manage to escape claiming I have a long day ahead of me. Getting out of this neighborhood is an adventure, just like the first time I had to cycle away from the airport. I have to walk the bike down little allies and across foot bridges to get back on to the main road. Then I find myself in the same situation as last time: I have to cross the highway but it is way too busy to use the flyovers that do U-turns, it means crossing 3 or 4 lanes of very busy traffic. I keep riding until I find an underpass that is relatively calm, now I can start heading northeast. I just follow a canal until I run out of gas, which doesn't take long, by 2pm I'm booked into a hotel about 35k outside of Bangkok.

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The bike, reassembled and loaded up next to the hotel in Bangkok.
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Fisherman on the canal.
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Reflection of a man "fishing" with a crossbow on the canal.
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Many of these trees flowering along the canal.

Dinner is an adventure. I'm staying at a place near the main road but there isn't much within easy riding distance except for one restaurant. They speak no English so we take turns pulling up pictures of food on our smartphones until we can agree on stir-fried chicken with vegetables and rice. I learn the word for rice which sounds something like "cow".