Nowhere to Go but Everywhere

Crossing the United States from east to west, with a healthy dose of south.

2,525 kilometers (1,568.96 miles) over days from September 01, 2010 to

Table of Contents
Boston to Douglas State Forest: On the road (again) 1
Douglas State Forest to Westfield: Coyote cardiac rhythm 2
Westfield, MA to Catskill, NY: 3
Catskill to Roxbury: The Lobstah Trap 4
Roxbury to Hancock: Podunk skunk 5
Hancock, NY to Camp, route 29, PA: Amish incongruity 6
Camp, Route 29 to Winter State Park: PA peaks 7
Winter State Park to Tuscarora State Forest: I'm not homeless bro, I'm just traveling by bicycle 8
Tuscarora Forest to Hancock, MD: Awaken the beast 9
Hancock, MD to camp: C+O Canal 10
Camp to Front Royal: I like to think my life is worth more than a funny cat video 11
Front Royal to Big Meadows: Skylines, bear!, deer 12
Big Meadows to Blue Ridge Parkway: Drive to Parkway 13
Blue Ridge Parkway to Peaks of Otter: Where's your support van? 14
Peaks of Otter to Roanoke: The star of the south 15
Roanoke to Smart View: Let the rain fall down 16
Smart View to Cumberland Knob: just 200 dollars left to get to Maine and back 17
Cumberland Knob to Boone: what's that smell? 18
Boone to Crabtree Falls: 2 eggs over easy with bacon, white toast and home fries 19
Crabtree Falls to Asheville: Kings and queens and guillotines 20
Asheville to camp: Let there be downhill, please? 21
Camp to Cable Cove: At last, big downhill 22