Camp, Route 29 to Winter State Park: PA peaks

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Distance 155.67 kms 96.93 miles
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Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

I'm up before dawn, breaking down camp in the rain. Packing up in the rain has got to be one of my least favorite things about camping. Starting out the day cold and wet has an unpleasant effect on morale. On the (sort of) bright side, the road climbs straight away which at least has the benefit of keeping me somewhat warm.

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The weather has cleared.

The weather improves as the day moves on. More pleasant riding through rural Pennsylvania: farms, rivers, forests, the occasional Amish buggy showing solidarity of non-motorized traffic.

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About to pass a buggy. The driver gives me a big hello as I go by.

I decide to shoot for a campground I see on my map so that I can take a shower. What I don't realize from the map is that it takes some serious climbing to get there. It's already been a long day distance-wise, just by virtue of the fact that I was on the road at 7am, so I'm really exhausted by the time I roll into the campground. It's full of families that give me and my loaded bicycle some odd looks when I pass by. I guess a touring cyclist is an oddity in these parts. I get my shower and cook my dinner on a nice, big fire. My first campfire of the trip feels like a luxury that I hope to be able to enjoy more often.

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Nice sunset, I'm still on the road. It's almost dark when I get to the campground.