Wakona Lake to Duluth, MN: another state, another load of laundry...

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Distance 124 kms 77 miles
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Monday, July 17th, 2017

Small town in Wisconsin, just down the road from where I camped, I'm at the counter of a diner having breakfast. A guy in his 60's is sitting next to me in jeans, workboots, and a Caterpillar hat. Small talk ensues. Then he lays this on me: "I was an iron worker in Pittsburg. Made good money. She was a topless dancer. I followed her to a supermarket at 2am after her shift ended. She looked like Barbara Eden. Every thing was going great until a couple of months later she threw kitchen knives at me one night."

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My two eggs over-easy with hashbrowns (cheese and onions), white toast, and bacon come with stories of knife-throwing Barbara Eden-lookalike topless dancers.

Okay then. "Fair enough", as Phil would say. It was one of the more interesting breakfast diner conversations that I've had. Never had a woman throw knives at me but there was a tortilla-chip incident.

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Looking across Lake Superior at Duluth from Wisconsin Point.

I cross the bridge from Wisconsin into Minnesota at Duluth. First thing: laundry. I find a place, in a slightly sketchy part of town, and unpack all my gear in the parking lot to find all my dirty clothes. There are some characters washing their clothes in this place. I suppose I fit right in -- who does their laundry on a motorcycle? Next up: camera store. I find one but have to drive a ways. I buy a new lense cover to replace the one I broke while mountain biking in Copper Harbor. I'm on my third lense cover for this camera...

Motel then dinner at the Duluth Grill, a place that looks like chain but I'm not sure how it could be one with Duluth in the name. I get the lamb plate, it's surprisingly good. The heavens open up as soon as I'm back in the motel: thunder, lightning, the works. It was in the forecast so I made a short day to do chores and avoid getting wet camping. Back to the woods tomorrow...