Taiwan Loop-de-Loop

Criss-crossing and looping around Taiwan on the bicycle

1,256 kilometers (780.44 miles) over 15 days from November 01, 2016 to November 15, 2016

Table of Contents
Intro: been looking forward to this for a while 1
Taipei to Xincheng: 7-11 raingear puts REI to shame 2
Xincheng to Donghe: Flying with the wind 3
Donghe to Luyeh: Small-town Taiwanese life 4
Luyeh to Kenting: Got the virus 5
Kenting: Rest day at the beach 6
Kenting to Dashu: Urban overdose 7
Dashu to Chiayi: Big Buddhas and a long night ride 8
Chiayi to Alishan: Let the serious climbing begin 9
Alishan to Shuili: Jade Mountain (Yu-shan National Park), monkeys and switchbacks 10
Shuili to Puli: Sun and Moon Lake 11
Puli to Cingjing: Hehuan Mountain - a sunset not soon forgotten and a climb to match. 12
Taroko National Park (Part 1): Taiwan's greatest surprise 13
Taroko National Park (Part 2): Taroko Gorge, the amazing scenery continues 14
Xincheng to Nan'ao: Suhua Highway redux 15
Nan'ao to Sanxing: No idea what you're saying but I'm rolling with it 16
Sanxing to Taipei: End of the road 17
Taiwan bicycle touring summary: 18