Spanish cove to Sant Feliu: almost cut my finger off

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Monday, May 24th, 2010

I am awoken but a flotilla of fishing boats heading out to sea at dawn. They must be coming from Roses. Some of them are suprisingly large; maybe they are industrial-type sardine fishing boats. In my haste to break down and get going I almost cut my finger off while slicing a baguette... really dumb move. It's bleeding profusely, too much for a bandaid to staunch, so I wrap it tight in a rag and start riding. In Roses I briefly consider finding a doctor to stitch it up, but by then it seems to have coagulated sufficiently. I'm not sure they would be able to stitch anything anyways. I take it slow the rest of the day so as not to reopen the cut.

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Looking down on Roses.

Where the Riu Ter flows into the Mediterranean I find an awesome beach to take a swim.

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Beach at El Mas Pinell, looking out at the Illes Medes.
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Went for a luxurious swim. Happy dog in the background.

I get a hotel in Sant Feliu. Not feeling up to camping tonight with my wound.