Rennertshofen to Ehingen: late ride to find a hotel

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Distance 176.00 kms 109.36 miles
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Distance 1,432.72 kms 890.42 miles
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Saturday, April 24th, 2010

I'm following the Donau now. Not quite as easy as it sounds, I keep losing it because the bike paths send me around cliffs or through towns and then branch off in other directions. Maybe I'm on the wrong side of the river. It's Saturday night, a lot of the inns and hotels I come accross are full for the night. Darkness falls and the temperature drops; and to add to the streak of bad luck I find myself in a prolonged section with no towns.

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Supports for growing hops. Bavaria is known for beer after all.
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The Donau (Danube) River

Around 9pm I finally find a hotel run by a Spanish woman that has a room. I finish off the day talking to C on the cellphone in the strange bar in the basement of the hotel. The bartender is clearly gay and trying to hit on me; fortunately I have the excuse of talking on the cellphone to get rid of him. He reminds of Dieter from the "Sprockets" skit on Saturday Night Live. I can't stop laughing when he talks.

Long day due to the hotel search, 176 kilometers in 12 hours of total time on the bike.