Page 71 (Chilean immigration to Barrancas Blancas: Paso Pircas Negras: Over the pass at last)
Page 72 (Barrancas Blancas to Alto Jagué: Paso Pircas Negras: A long ride over 4,000 meters then a chaotic descent)
Page 73 (Alto Jagué to 10 kilometers south of Villa Castell: More amazing scenery, a long wait at immigration, and that damn rack won't stay together)
Page 74 (10 kilometers south of Villa Castell to Ruta 40 km 3806: Pampa, couldn't get much done in Villa Union, then back to the mountains)
Page 75 (Ruta 40 km 3806 to Chilecito: Desert climb, some French, and a shower at last)