Pulversheim, France to Philippsburg, Germany: Renewed my insurance; happy ending.

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Distance 341 kms 212 miles
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Distance 4,441 kms 2,760 miles
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Tuesday, July 12th, 2005

Tuesday. Up early, breakfast and on the road by 8. Eisisheim->german border. Frieburg, drive around and get lost, looking for an ADAC office. Find a telephone book at the information office and get the address, still get lost trying to find it. Finally I get there and the woman tells me insurance is 105/month, I get a chill. I take a look at the list she is holding and it turns out that is the price for a car, a bike is 22/month. Buy 5 months just in case. The whole thing takes 5 minutes, whereas in France it was impossible.

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Bert and Greta celebrate 120K miles near Freiburg, Germany

Off to Strassburg to find some guide books. I ask a bunch of people and eventually find Georama, get the Guide du Routard guides for Germany, Scandanavia and Finland. Back accross the border to Karlsruhe. At a rest stop I meet a German couple who went to daytona beach once, rented motorcycles. Only speaking German. Philippsburg, find a small hotel. Pretty girl at the reception and I'm sold. Diner next store. The hotel is run by a guy named Vasilli (must be Russian), he's a trip.

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Nuclear power plant near Philippsburg
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Translation of picture:

On credit:
I don't serve you.
You're angry.

I serve you.
You never come back.
I'm angry.
Better you angry than me.

I especially like the trademark symbol, nice touch.
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Bert's first time in a German hotel. And we have company.

At the supermarkent the cashier says drei und seibsig and I give her 3 euros 70, whereas it should be 73 cents. We laugh about it. 212 miles today. Back at the hotel the pretty girl at the reception has become the pretty barmaid, I stay up late talking to her. Das Happy End.

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Greta's room in Philippsburg

Nach Hamburg fahren

B.: Ich gehe diese Wochenende auch nach Hamburg. Ich werde drei Tage hin pasieren. Willst du mich in Hamburg aufwarten?

Ich: Aber ich muß heute weggehen. Ich bleibe nur eine Nacht in Hamburg, dann gehe ich nach Kiel und weiter Kopenhagen, Oslo, Nordkapp...

B.: Wir haben Spaß gemacht. Hat es dir nicht gefallen?

Ich: Doch. Aber ich kann nicht anhalten. Es gibt noch drei tausend Kilometer zu fahren. Weine nicht, während du zu Fuß draußen in dem Feld. Ich weiß, es ist windig und kalt, aber das leere Gefühl wird nicht lange.

Ich: Perdóname, no supe decirte. Wir waren nicht mehr in Spanien.