Montréjeux to Saint-Martin-Lalande : back to the Canal du Midi

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Distance 154.00 kms 95.69 miles
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Distance 4,212.86 kms 2,617.84 miles
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Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

I rack up a lot of kilometers on the bicycle today but it doesn't feel particularly difficult. After leaving the Garonne I'm crossing rolling hills until I meet up with the Canal du Midi again; from there it's easy living following the canal towpath. I deliberately skirt the Corbières (mountains/foothills north of the Pyrénées) because I'm just worn out from all of the climbing.

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Looking very French with the baguette poking out of the pannier.
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There's a whole village full of them, that way.

I see a sign for a campground off the canal and decide that's probably my best bet for the night. Camping "La Capelle", run by a friendly guy who wonders why I speak French. We have a few laughs.

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Evening hygiene with French landscape. Camping la Capelle.