Steeds: a list of my motorcycles

Steeds: a list of my motorcycles

1992 BMW K75S

Otherwise known as Greta.

Miles traveled: 74,000 (119,091 kilometers)

Purchased: winter of 2000 from someone in Vermont.

Sold: not yet, still going strong.

Greta has been my companion for the majority of my long motorcycle trips. When I bought her the rear drive unit splines were stripped and both the shaft and the drive unit had to be replaced. The only significant problem I've had since then was the starter died (at an innoportune moment, it began flaking out in Lafayette, Louisiana after I had driven down there from Boston, but I managed to get back to Boston by banging on it every time I had to start the motorcycle).


  • K100RS front fairing
  • K100RS tank and sidecovers
  • Parabellum windshield
  • Corbin Rumble seat (I had it recovered by Atlas Auto Tops in Quincy, MA)
  • Fiamm Horn
  • BMW "C" bars
  • Fox "Twin Clicker" rear shock
  • "Top of the line" aluminum rack platform
  • Baker Built Air Wings (Had to replace these after living on Beacon Hill for a year, bike was knocked over twice)
  • Fork leg boots

1981 Honda CB1000C

Never had a nickname for this one

Miles traveled: about 15,000 (24,140 kilometers)

Purchased: 1995, near Boston

Sold: 1998, near Boston

An unusual design, this bike had a split transmission with 5 low and 5 high. Not sure why they did that, I never found it particularly useful on a street bike; I just left it in high all the time. Shaft drive, straight four, carburated. A decent motorycycle but what can I say, it was a Honda. Above 100mph it would start shimying. I wasn't terribly sad the day I sold it (particularly since I sold it for exactly the same amount I bought it for, 15,000 miles later.)