Seehausen to Zecherin: met my match with the snow

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Distance 128.00 kms 79.54 miles
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Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

A big breakfast with the Gästhaus owner starts off the morning. We chat for a while and she makes me a sandwich for the road. With all the chitchat I don't get going until 9am. A beautiful ride through the woods past frozen lakes for much of the day.

More snow the farther north I get. Somewhere around Bugewitz the path becomes unrideable so I get on to the roads. With snowbanks shortening up the lanes it feels dodgy when there is traffic coming in both directions. Cars move over for me when there is room in the other lane, but when there isn't they squeeze by me anyways, way too close for comfort.

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More snow up here.

By the time I get to Anklam it's dark. I keep going anyways, across the bridge on to the Usedom peninsula. It's pitch dark now, the temperature is dropping fast, and everything is closed. I'm regretting passing by Anklam. Surely there were open hotels in that town. I get more and more worried as the time goes by, I pedal harder and harder to get to the next village, then the next, and so on... Eventually I find an open Gästhaus not a moment too soon. I drop my stuff in the room and take a piping hot shower. A huge meal in the restaurant then I collapse into bed for a solid night's sleep.