A yearly pilgrimage across southwestern France

712 kilometers (442.42 miles) over 10 days from March 08, 2017 to March 17, 2017

Table of Contents
Introduction: warm-up ride around the pond 1
Narbonne to Carcassonne: wind and mud 2
Carcassonne to Fenouillet: beautiful spring day (but windy) 3
Fenouillet to Au fin fond du Lot: final stretch 4
Au fin fond du Lot: visiting with friends 5
Fin fond du Lot to near Cazals: Please Mr. Wild Boar, don't crush my tent! 6
Aveyron to Tarn: rivers and castles and cities in the sky 7
Tarn to Forêt Lacaune: The wild boar trifecta 8
Forêt Lacaune to Narbonne: home stretch 9