Safford to Globe: Don't let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy

Albuquerque ultralight
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Distance 124.00 kms 77.05 miles
Climbed 1,073 meters 3,520 feet
Ride time (hours) 5.31 -
Avg speed 23.34 kph -
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Distance 1,117.77 kms 694.69 miles
Climbed 13,868 meters 45,499 feet
Ride time (hours) 48.46 -
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Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

I need to be in Tucson by tomorrow night and I've got close to 200 miles to go. I resolve to take it easy today so that I can give myself some time to recover. I was thinking about shooting for Florence or at least Superior but I need to chill out a bit. The plan is for a shortish day to Globe so I can get there early, have a good meal and an early night to bed; then a long ride to Tucson tomorrow.

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Massive breakfast this morning. That's 6 slices of bacon.

It's hot AF again today but at least in the morning I have a favorable wind to help me along across the San Carlos Apache Reservation. Not a terribly exciting ride on this two-lane highway. I did this ride once before in 2011 so I'm just kind of on autopilot as the road slowly climbs up toward Globe.

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On the res.
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Gila River again.
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Rainshower in the distance.

About 10 miles east of Globe the wind turns on me. It's a slog on this final climb.

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Desert cycling fashionwear.

In Globe I drop my gear at the motel and head to Safeway to buy myself some healthy stuff for dinner. I don't have a lock for the bike but the supermarket manager is nice enough to let me leave it next to the customer service desk while I shop. I wolf down my food back at the motel and crash into bed, with earplugs. There's a Mexican construction crew staying at the motel who are having themselves a barbecue in the parking lot, complete with beer and loud "ranchero" music. The earplugs do their job; I'm deep asleep by 9pm.

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