Random Rides

Random shortish rides that don't merit a journal of their own.

890 kilometers (553.02 miles) over 0 days from March 06, 2018 to

Table of Contents
Out of Storage: cycling back to Tucson 1
Phoenix to the desert: 2
Desert to Tucson: 3
Cape Cod: 4
Cape Cod Mushroom Ride: 5
Lordsburg Duncan aller-retour: Come to Lordsburg for the cycling, stay for the ...? 6
A ver que cuenta el Señor Mogollón: A bit of climbing with a touch of wildfire smoke 7
Come on come on turn the radio on: less smoke, more KOMs 8
Deming, New Mexico: flat, straight, and windy 9
Truth or Consequences: or things you shouldn't do on a road bike 10
Que suelten los caballos: Caballo Lake to Emory Pass and back 11
3 ways to Sunday: A taste of each direction 12
Haboobed: A big haboob rolls through Tucson 13